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How To Find The Right Diet For You

Ocean Breeze, original painting by Steve Henderson Fine Art; Licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

The world of nutrition is literally flooded with competing marketing that push contradictory information.  If you were to google the words “best diet” and read through the top results, you would be gobsmacked at the inconsistent information (not to mention the marketing campaigns that try to pull you in their direction with promises of bikini bodies or a quick fix pill that offers overnight weight loss). 

Eat dairy, don’t eat dairy. 

Use butter.  Don’t eat butter.

Don’t eat meat, don’t be a vegetarian. 

Go low fat, eat fat.  

So what information do you follow and where do you draw the line in the sand so you can finally find your path to good health?

Here’s my take on the world of nutrition and how to find true health… 

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Depression: Learning How To Smile Again


Depression goes beyond just a condition or a disease or a low mood.

It becomes you.

A weight that can’t be lifted.  Like a tunnel with no light.

Seemingly no end or way out.

It seems devastating to me that someone can lose a smile.  But it happens to so many people these days.  Depression is extremely common.

Sometimes focusing on something that you can control, like healing the body from the inside, can give someone the positive direction they need to learn how to smile again.

When I first spoke to Kellie, I could feel her readiness for change.  She wanted to be healthy and happy so badly I could literally feel her passion through the phone.  So I asked Kellie if she wanted to take a spot in one of my 12 week programs.

Not everyone who comes to me wants help just losing weight.  In fact, generally that falls into the third or fourth priority.  What comes at the top of most women’s list is being healthy and happy.

Although I can talk about what I do for days on end, sometimes its better to hear from someone who has actually been there.  Someone who knows what it feels like to not know how to smile anymore.

To hear the words from someone who changed her life and now has a new lease on life.  Someone who has become that woman that everyone asks “what’s your secret?” because her skin radiates and because she can’t stop smiling.

 Read the story on how Kellie got her smile back… Read More →

Protein Pancakes With Strawberry Sauce


These pancakes are too good to be true.  I made the recipe thinking it was going to be an epic fail but to my surprise they were fluffy, light and scrumptious, not to mention healthy!

If I were you I wouldn’t even mention to your kids that these are healthy.  They look so devilishly fattening and bad for you, but not on this site sister!  

Lets just let them THINK they are bad and full of crap hey…*giggle* Read More →

Top 10 Most Common Paleo Mistakes

mistake copy

As some of you know, I do not consider myself to be any particular diet label or category.  

I guess by default I would fall under Paleo, if you had to put me into a category (you don’t).

Why don’t I like these labels?

Because the world is about being true to yourself and doing what makes you feel good and it shouldn’t be about complying to a set of rules.

And because I was vegetarian for 10 years and I think I allowed myself to become “a vegetarian”.  I enjoyed proclaiming it to people and telling them that I choose not to eat animals.  It kind of made me feel superior.   My diet had become my identity.

So today, I live my life without a dietary label.

Whether you follow a certain diet or not, I often see similarities between diets  and I see a few vital health mistakes too.

Here are some of the main health mistakes I see in terms of the paleo diet…

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How To Unblock Your Plumbing (& Drop The Kids Off!)


Poop.  Turd Burger.  Dookie.  Shitsicles.  Butt truffles.

Call it what you will, we all do it.

But unfortunately, some of us don’t empty the poop shoot as regularly or as easily as we would like. 

If you aren’t dropping the kids off at the pool at least once a day, or if you can get through an entire game of Friends With Words on your iPhone whilst sitting on the royal throne, then its time to read this article (and not whilst sitting on the throne please!) Read More →

Eat The Egg Yolk?! The Truth About Cholesterol

egg yolk

What came first…the chicken or the egg?

That age old question is now surpassed by the highly controversial…

Egg white or egg yolk?  

Or even…

Fat or low fat?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be aware that there is much debate in the world of health and nutrition as to whether cholesterol and fat is bad for your health and if it is indeed the cause of heart disease.

I still witness people going to extremes to avoid eating egg yolk like the plague, so much so they would rather purchase egg whites in a carton (ew!) or crack 12 eggs, separate them and ditch the yolks.

And you know what, I get it.   With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, its easy to be unsure which health advice to follow.

So to shed some light on the matter…I am cracking the shell on the story (and I promise to make no more eggy puns)
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