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Gelatin: 9 Ways It Can Improve Your Health


Ever wonder what makes wobbly jelly and marshmallows stay together?

That would be the gelatin.   

When I was vegetarian I took delight in telling people that gelatin was made from horses hooves.  I liked to spring that on people right when they were about to sink their teeth on a soft lolly that I knew contained gelatin.

But as it turns out…I was wrong (and that doesn’t happen very often!).  That is actually a myth.

As it turns out, gelatin has been valued for thousands of years for its health benefits for everything from digestive troubles to skin issues to heart problems – its a true healing elixir.

Read on to find out 9 ways gelatin can improve your health along with a few recipes including bone broth and fruit gels…

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Double Layer Coconut Custard – Paleo, AIP


Day 2 of my AIP 30 days.  

And what do you know, I was struck down by a really bad, killer flu.  In fact, the flu was the worst I have ever experienced in my life.  I spent the last entire 8 days on my back unable to barely breathe, let alone move one of which was spent in the emergency room due to my throat being so inflamed that I stopped breathing.  More on that soon…

So although I didn’t get far into my AIP experience due to being pretty much unable to eat or move to make my own foods that I was able to consume, I still want to create AIP recipes that will help my gut lining to heal.  Heck knows, after such a bad virus I need all the healing I can get!

Now I wanted to create a recipe that I could use as a snack but also as a breakfast option that contained protein but not meat.

This is what I came up with…

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Broccoli Bacon Soup – Paleo, AIP

broc soup

I have never been a huge soup fan.  I think it’s because I loved dipping bread into the soup as it was the only way for me to feel full after a soup.   But its a been a long time since I have had bread, so watery soup is a no go.

Well as of today, I have to change my stance on soup.

This one was thick, flavoursome (hello bacon) and filled me up without a single piece of toast. 
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Egg Free Zucchini Slice (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

slice2 copy

For my first AIP recipe (if you don’t know what AIP is, read here), I recreated a favourite go to snack of mine – the ole zucchini slice.

Only one problem…no grains can be used, no almond flour and no eggs.


Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

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The Autoimmune Protocol Experiment


As many of you know, I run 12 week programs focusing on healing the body through real food and healing the gut.

This means being very well acquainted with recipes and real foods that have minimal possibility of causing inflammation to the body or damage to the gut lining.

It also means that I believe in constantly chasing your health and doing everything within your power to be as strong, fit and healthy as you can be.  

That’s why I am doing the AIP experiment…

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How To Find The Right Diet For You

Ocean Breeze, original painting by Steve Henderson Fine Art; Licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

The world of nutrition is literally flooded with competing marketing that push contradictory information.  If you were to google the words “best diet” and read through the top results, you would be gobsmacked at the inconsistent information (not to mention the marketing campaigns that try to pull you in their direction with promises of bikini bodies or a quick fix pill that offers overnight weight loss). 

Eat dairy, don’t eat dairy. 

Use butter.  Don’t eat butter.

Don’t eat meat, don’t be a vegetarian. 

Go low fat, eat fat.  

So what information do you follow and where do you draw the line in the sand so you can finally find your path to good health?

Here’s my take on the world of nutrition and how to find true health… 

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