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We are a community of women who live each day unwilling to compromise our health and wellness, forever chasing the BEST version of ourselves and empowering others to heal.

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The GRL program has been a life changer for me.  I love being part of the GRL community. The program has really changed the way I see and think about food. I’m no longer relying on willpower to say no. I feel great. And best of all, I’m the lightest I’ve weighed in years.

Jo C, Adelaide

I suffered from anxiety and found myself getting sick all the time.  The program helped me to heal and now I don't get sick anymore, I have energy to look after my family and best of all I'm on top of my anxiety.  Thank you Nicole, you are my ray of sunshine!

Jane T, SA

Only 8 weeks in to the program and I had dropped 5kg, but more importantly countless cm’s from my waist, hips and thighs and I noticed so much more energy. People keep commenting on how clear and glowing my skin is and my brain fog is gone. And best of all, I’m proud to know that I am a good role model for my kids.

Kellie S, Pt Pirie


Sick and tired of feeling rundown, like you don't have enough energy?

We will show you how to find more energy so you feel refreshed and full of life ready to take on the world


Tired of feeling over weight and not like yourself?

Through healthy habit building, we will hold your hand to lead you to a lean weight that makes you feel great


Ready to stop debilitating bloating so you can start feeling fabulous?

Using the latest nutritional science, we will help you heal your gut so you can start thriving


Determined to get on top of stress and PMS so you can be in control and happy?

Discover the keys to beating stress including balancing your hormones so you can feel happy again


  • Unlock The Key To Dealing With Stress

    Learn how to balance your hormones and manage stress so your body can fight with you instead of against you

  • Gain More Energy

    Wake up feeling rested everyday feeling like you can take on the world

  • Get A Flat Tummy (No More Bloating!)

    Follow our expert gut healing advice to get your tummy as flat as when you were 20!

  • Be The Master Of Your Body

    We help you listen to what your body is trying to tell you, so you can give it what it needs so you can be the master of your health

  • Achieve Lifelong Weight Loss

    Learn how to eat to get lean so you can be the weight you want for life

  • Beat Those Cravings

    Get the secrets to cravings and how to move beyond them so you can be in control of your life

  • Get Better Quality Sleep

    Discover the way to a good nights sleep, so you can take on the day with vigour and energy

  • Boost Your Immunity

    We help you to build a powerful immune system so you fight off colds and feel fitter than ever


Are you ready to thrive?