How Healthy Are You Really? 8 Signs Of Good Health (Plus a GIFT!)


Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

When I ask that question I inevitably hear a resounding yes from the crowd.

But then let me ask you this…

What is the definition of the term ‘healthy”?  

Read more to find out and to receive a free gift, from ME to YOU…

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Easy Apple Crumble

apple pear crumble2 copy

Ever since I made my raspberry crumble, my husband has been begging (and I mean literally begging) for me to make another batch.

But the thing is, I like variety in my life and prefer to challenge myself to create new recipes as opposed to recreating the same the meal.  

And…well, I couldn’t be bothered.  So I had to come up with a solution…

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Mission: Help Me Change The World


How do you feel about being part of a mission to change the world? Sounds fun right? I am on a mission to help women change the way they value their health and their relationship with food.  To help women reignite their passion and energy, living with abundance and a sense of thriving. I’ve been shouting from the roof tops that women of all shapes, sizes and ages need to get ready to embrace a healthier version of themselves…

Because this is about to get real.  

We are going to transform our lives to become the best role models, career gals and mothers the world has ever seen. But I need your help to do this… Read More →

Motivation For Dry July – Alcohol 101


Are you struggling to get through Dry July?

Here’s a few health tips and reasons that you should stay true to your goal.

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PnB Chocolate Brownies


Brownies are one of those easy to make chocolate desserts that everyone loves.  But for me, long gone is the desire to eat brownies that are filled to the brim with sugar and processed flours.  You know the feeling, just one bite leaves your eyeballs rolling behind your head.

So it was time to give the little brownie a revamp…GRL style.  So I went rouge, ignored all recipes, ignored the sugar and the flours and checked out the kitchen for what else we could use up.

What to know what I came up with?

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‘Tea’…stands for Tummy (My Fave 5 Herbal Teas)


If you suffer from IBS or digestive problems such as constipation, cramps or bloating, or if you simply want to warm yourself with something other than red wine these winter months, then try out these fabulous herbal teas.

I often drink herbal tea but at the moment since its winter,  I seem to be bathing in the stuff.  In fact, I’ve having one now!

So what herbal teas do I drink the most?

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The Magic Weight Loss Cure

yoga quote NS

Have you been looking for a foolproof diet or magical pill that will help you lose weight and stay healthy and stress free without ever having to lift a finger? 

Well guess what?  

I am going to share the secret with you all today.

I will tell you the key to how you lose weight.

How you can get healthy.

How you can get on top of stress.

And how you can thrive…

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Brownie Cake With Raspberry Cream

raspberry brpwnie

When I first started writing this blog, my strengths lay clearly in the writing and researching nutrition department as opposed to the pretty recipes and photography.

 In fact, as I look back and see some of the recipes I’ve made along the way, I had a little chuckle to myself at the state of some of my concoctions in the kitchen.

One recipe of chocolate mousse resembled something that I shall refrain from commenting on for fear of putting you off your food.  

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Lemon Hemp Protein Balls

IMG_5422 copy

These lemony protein balls are a great snack when you feel like something healthy to get you through to your next meal.  Easy to prepare and cheap compared to buying them for $4 a ball at the shops!

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Raspberry Crumble Slice

rasp crumble

 This raspberry delight is a dairy free, gluten free and grain free slice perfect for entertaining or treating yourself.  Full of vitamin C and antioxidants from the fruit and cram packed with good fats from the nuts to help protect your brain.

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